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Betsutenjin Hakata Ramen

Our brand name “Betsutenjin” captures the memorable moment when we took apprenticeship from the ramen shop “Tenjin Ramen” and “betsu” means “another” in Japanese. Before the establishment of the “Betsutenjin” ramen shop in 2013, our founder has travelled all the way to Japan to apprentice under a ramen master. He has then decided to bring the traditional taste of “Tenjin Ramen” back to Hong Kong and founded the brand “Betsutenjin”. Since the opening of our first noodle shop in Causeway Bay, we now have 11 shops in Hong Kong and Seattle. Our new shop in Paris will also be opening soon.

In order to ensure quality, we have always insisted on making two types of ramen only. The thick and creamy tonkotsu (pork-bone broth) made with high-quality pork bones delivered directly from Europe is the essence of our ramen. There are only two ingredients in our soup base, a large amount of pork bones and water. There is absolutely no MSG, preservatives or dairy products added. Every day, our central kitchen produces the special soup base to be freshly delivered to each ramen shop.


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